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Our shipping policy almost give two week's time to set the order accurately just because of quality insurance but it might have delivered earlier not later. We will also make every effort to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including: Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs.

Genuine product

Saqafatbazar always emphasizes Genuine products by approach of their expert makers for satisfaction of customer's requirements . Not to compromise with the quality of products. we are well known about customer's desires.

Balochi Bughti Sandals in Fancy Style . New Pakistani Traditional Sandals Balochi Balaj Sandals,Balochi norozi pure lather Sandal,Balochi Car Patti, Bughti Sandal , Chappal are completely Hand Stitched Original Leather. High grade leather is used. Balochi Sandals , Bughti Sandal, Nawab Sandal Online is available in different colors and different sizes as well.

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